We have been teaching for nearly 35 years. Started in the mid 1980's as a martial
arts program...we have grown to include many training programs.


Our founder Stephen Kirby felt a need for a more rounded approach. As many
students became adults they often lost focus and many left the school. Some pursued college and careers, others seemed to drift. This observation became the driving force behind Penn Academies. 


It seemed to make sense that martial arts could be a precursor to Law Enforcement or Military for example. Additionally, it could be a stepping stone to a private security or  personal protection career.


From there it seemed logical that the leadership qualities taught in our programs could apply to all walks of life. Our academies include International Black Belt Certification, NRA Firearms Certification, Pennsylvania State Police Certification for Armed and Unarmed Security, PA - Act 235 Certification, Private Investigations Training and Licensing, In-Home Security Training, PA Stand-Your-Ground and Castle Doctrine Training, Bail Bond Recovery Agent Training, Private Police Training and Certification, Public Speaking, Martial Arts Sports Applications for Football, SAFEKID Program, Active Shooter Training, Law Enforcement Firearms and Skills Training, Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement and Security, HR218 Certification for Retired Law Enforcement, SWAT Training, Report Writing, Customer Service Training and Much More!


See our academies page to find an academy near you and best wishes from our team at
Penn Academies!

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