We've grown over the past few years. Last year was incredible as our
Tae Kwon Do academies have exploded with thousands of students attending! Our JIDO academy grows each week and our Women's Self-Defense Academy "WSDI" is being sought after by some of the largest institutions in Pennsylvania.

Our Law Enforcement & Security Officer Training Academy has graduated hundreds of students over the past few years to go on to rewarding careers. Our NRA programs are top shelf with certifications available in all disciplines to include instructor certifications in all disciplines. Additionally, we certify Chief Range Safety Officers and Range Safety Officers.

Our Leadership Development Programs "LDP" continue to develop leaders each year and we look forward to many more exciting years.

Our Airsoft Academy is a big hit with training for adults and youth in this rapidly evolving technology. These courses teach self-control as well and provide hours of fun for the whole family.


10:30AM TIL 2:30PM
36 W. 11th Ave
York, PA 17404

Bring the whole family...touch feel experience!

Our Booths and Exhibits Include:

Women's Self-Defense   Olympic Tae Kwon Do
JIDO and Weapons
LEASOT Academy for Armed Security Certification  
NRA Training
AIRSOFT like you've never seen!  and much more...plus refreshments and fun for the whole family!!

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